40,00(excl. BTW)

768 kanaals DMX stuurtafel, maximaal 32 fixtures, 24 kanalen per fixture, 60 chases



DMX channel: 768
Fixtures: 32
Channels for each fixture: 24
Chases: 60
Chase to run simultaneously: 10
Chase step: 120
Time control of scenes Fade in/out, LTP slope
Shapes for each scene 5
Shape generator Shapes of Dimmer, Pan/Tilt, RGB, CMY,
Color, Gobo, Iris and Focus
Shapes to run simultaneously 5
USB Memory FAT32 supported for storing settings and shows.
Dimensions: 483 x 227 x 87 mm (LxWxH)
Display language: EN/FR/DE
Weight: 4,6 Kg
Inclusief flightcase